About us

Smart Satellite Ltd. was established on May 10, 2018, and is an enterprise that achieves commercialization of aerospace through technological and application innovation. The company is a member unit of the International Astronautical Federation, and is one of the earliest teams in China to focus on commercial SAR satellites and have the ability to design spaceborne integration. It is also the unit that reports X-band radar satellite frequencies to the International Telecommunication Union and completes domestic coordination. The company currently has a specialized team, mainly composed of members from the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National University of Defense Science and Technology, and other units. It has undertaken multiple initial launch model tasks, including Tiantong-1, Dongfanghong-4 enhanced satellite platform, Dongfanghong-5 satellite platform, Shaonenxing-1, Zhixing-1A satellite, etc. It has experience in both internal and private aerospace enterprise satellite development and successful launch, and can provide users with full process solutions including satellite design, manufacturing, frequency application, insurance, launch coordination, measurement and control joint debugging.


The company's first satellite, Smart Satellite 1A, was successfully launched from Wenchang, Hainan on December 22, 2020, aboard the Long March 8 rocket. On May 10, 2022, the Smart Satellite 3A was launched into orbit aboard the Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft. The company will start building a constellation of 12 SAR satellites in 2022 to achieve millimeter level deformation monitoring for hourly revisits at any location around the world. On February 3, 2024, the first SAR satellite,Smart Satellite 2A (JiGaoKeChuang), was launched from the waters near Yangjiang, Guangdong Province using the Jielong 3 Y3 carrier rocket of China Long March Rocket Co., Ltd.


The company has mastered the key technology for manufacturing and operating low orbit SAR satellites, and has fully independent intellectual property rights. The SAR payload capacity has been verified by flight on unmanned aerial vehicle platforms. With the construction of SAR satellite constellations, the company will become a leading domestic and world-class SAR satellite manufacturer and operator, contributing to the acceleration of the construction of a "space power".